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Topsealer Pro+ is a fast curing, two-component cold polyurea that is waterproof against running water and is suitable for the protection of interior microcement and concrete coating surfaces. This 100% solids two-component varnish does not require priming, in fact it is designed to be applied in a single coat as it has the ability to fully penetrate into the pores ensuring a complete seal.

This exclusive high gloss varnish gives an extra hardness to the microcement as well as preventing water vapour transpiration. In addition, this two-component 100% solids varnish has the ability to enhance the colour of microcement and stamped concrete floors in interiors.

If the professional is looking to reduce the gloss of the final finish, a coat of our Topsealer WT One Coat varnish (satin, matt or super matt finish) or a coat of our Topsealer DSV varnish (satin or matt finish) can be applied afterwards. With any of these combinations, the surface coated with microcement automatically acquires a higher scratch resistance.

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Till ca 14m2 i 1 lager

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Vikt 1.5 kg
Dimensioner 10 × 10 × 21 m